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Traffic Citations / Criminal Matters, Personal Injury & Aviation Law


Graduated from William S. Boyd School of Law 2003
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Joseph R. Maridon Jr., Esq.

Traffic Citations / Criminal Matters, Personal Injury & Aviation Law

Born in the Cockpit, Forged in the Courtroom:

Joseph R. Maridon, Jr., Esq., isn't just a lawyer. He's a champion of justice, honed in the crucible of both sky and courtroom.

He took flight early, with childhood air travels and his father's hand on the controls, mastering instruments before he could see above the cockpit. By 1993, he soloed, claiming the sky as his domain.

But his passion for justice soon landed him on another battlefield: the legal arena. Graduating from UNLV's Boyd School of Law in 2003, Maridon rose through the ranks of civil litigation, tackling everything from fender benders to multi-million dollar aviation disasters. He's seen it all, fought for countless clients, and emerged victorious from over 20,000 Southern Nevada traffic battles.

His aviation expertise isn't just a hobby; it's a lens through which he sees every case with precision and foresight. He meticulously navigates legal turbulence, landing his clients on the firm ground of justice.

But beyond the courtroom, Maridon finds serenity in family. His wife and two daughters are his unwavering compass, while their playful pup reminds him of the simple joys life offers.

Whether you face legal storms or courtroom turbulence, Joseph R. Maridon, Jr., Esq., is the pilot you need. Trust him to navigate the skies of justice and land you safely on the shores of victory.

Professional Honours

  • Most rated lawyer in Nevada on Yelp
  • Avvo Rated
  • Rising Stars 2013 - Super Lawyer Magazine
9.6Joseph R. Maridon

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