Press Release September 20, 2022

Sep 20 2022

For Immediate Release

The Maridon Law Firm Announces the Goodsprings Justice Court has stopped assessing illegal collection fees.

Goodsprings Justice Court ends practice of assessing collection fees contrary to the language in NRS 176.064 and in violation of NRS 4.080.

Goodsprings Township, Clark County, NV— September 20, 2022 — Today, in an important victory that will benefit thousands of Defendants in the Goodsprings Justice Court, at a hearing in Case No. 21MCG005314, Justice of the Peace Larry Shupe granted a motion to vacate a collection fee that was assessed contrary to the language in NRS 176.064 in violation of NRS 4.080. Justice of the Peace Larry Shupe also stated that the practice of assessing such fees in other cases has officially ended.

Defendants should be aware, however, that not all collection fees were assessed in violation of the law. The court will continue to assess collection fees pursuant to statute in cases where a fine is due and remains unpaid at the time the fine is due. Furthermore, collection fees already assessed are still subject to collection. See, for example, Case. No. 19MCG007993.

The ruling comes after a more than two-year effort to bring the issue before the court. Joseph Maridon, Attorney at The Maridon Law Firm, observed: “We prevailed where so many others have failed.”

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