For over a year, a concerning scene has unfolded in our courtrooms. Traffic violations, those seemingly minor bumps on the road of daily life, have become warped into a twisted…

Press Release September 27, 2023

27 Sep 2023
Published in News
For Immediate Release Judges Should Not Assume Facts In a recent case, Traffic Commissioner David Brown assumed that a defendant was reading data on her phone because she was looking…

Press Release July 28, 2023

28 Jul 2023
Published in News
For Immediate Release Nevada State Bar Refuses to Pursue Matter Regarding Deputy District Attorney’s Alleged Misconduct Following the Nevada Supreme Court’s Order (IN RE: DISCIPLINE OF JOSEPH MARIDON (June 20,…

Press Release September 20, 2022

20 Sep 2022
Published in News
For Immediate Release The Maridon Law Firm Announces the Goodsprings Justice Court has stopped assessing illegal collection fees. Goodsprings Justice Court ends practice of assessing collection fees contrary to the…
This matrix shows the current "standard" offers for cases in the Las Vegas Justice Court as of 12/20/2021.

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