Press Release July 28, 2023

Jul 28 2023

For Immediate Release

Nevada State Bar Refuses to Pursue Matter Regarding Deputy District Attorney’s Alleged Misconduct

Following the Nevada Supreme Court’s Order (IN RE: DISCIPLINE OF JOSEPH MARIDON (June 20, 2023)) dismissing the State Bar’s Complaint against attorney Joseph Maridon, the State Bar of Nevada has refused to pursue a matter regarding alleged misconduct by attorney Austin Beaumont.

Las Vegas, Nevada — July 28, 2023 — The complaint, filed by attorney Joseph Maridon, alleges that Beaumont made a number of false statements of fact and law to a tribunal, disrupted a tribunal, and engaged in conduct that was prejudicial to the administration of justice.

The complaint specifically cites sixty-one false or misleading statements made by Beaumont in a March 8, 2022 Hearing in the Goodsprings Justice Court including:

  • He claimed that the waiver of his right to be present at trial was "utterly worthless" and "does not comport to any affidavit whatsoever." However, the waiver was submitted as an NRS 53.045 declaration pursuant to provisions of NRS 178.388(3) and was accepted by Judge Shupe as written and as signed by the defendant.
  • He claimed that the waiver was not signed by the defendant. However, the waiver was signed by the defendant, who was present on Bluejeans, under penalty of perjury.
  • He claimed that the defendant was not apprised of his right to be present at trial. However, the waiver states that the defendant was "fully aware of his constitutional right to be physically present at trial."
  • He claimed that the defendant was ordered to be physically present in court for trial. However, there was no order specifically requiring the defendant to be present in person.
  • He claimed that the defense is "willfully defying the Court's order" by not having the defendant present in person. However, there is no evidence to support this claim.
  • Beaumont claims that he is not seeking an advantage, but rather is "seeking to protect the integrity of this trial, to ensure that it holds up on appeal, because I'm certain that it will be. And I'm making sure that defendant's constitutional rights are protected." However, later in the hearing, Beaumont admits that he is not ready for trial and moves to continue the trial. This suggests that Beaumont's claims about protecting the integrity of the trial and ensuring that the defendant's constitutional rights are protected are not genuine. Rather, it appears that Beaumont is simply trying to delay the trial because he is not ready.

Beaumont's claims about the waiver of the defendant's right to be present at trial are false and misleading.

During the March 22, 2022 trial, Beaumont made additional false and misleading representations:

  • Beaumont falsely claims that the judge ordered the defendant's attorney to file an affidavit, signed by the defendant, waiving his right to appear for the trial. No such order was made.
  • Beaumont falsely claims that the defendant's counsel admitted on the record that he committed a felony.
  • Beaumont falsely claims that the trial was continued on March 8, 2022 because the defendant was not present. The trial was continued on March 8, 2022 because Beaumont was not ready, his witness was not present, and he moved to continue after the judge made it clear that the trial would commence that day.
  • Beaumont falsely claims that the judge ordered the defendant to file a notarized affidavit despite the fact that no such order was made.

These claims were blatant misrepresentations of the facts.

Beaumont has a history of making false and misleading claims. For example, Mr. Beaumont filed a pleading in the Searchlight Justice Courts that claimed that fines are assessed by police officers when they hand out traffic citations, as opposed to the court assessing fines upon a finding of guilt. Mr. Beaumont has also asked several non-law trained judges to order sanctions against Maridon without any basis in fact or law in numerous misdemeanor traffic citation cases.

According to its website, “The Office of Bar Counsel protects the public by educating and assisting lawyers to practice ethically and competently. Through its Boards, the office will discipline those lawyers who are found to have violated the Rules of Professional Conduct.”

In this case, the evidence is clear that Beaumont made numerous false statements and engaged in disruptive behavior. The State Bar’s decision not to pursue the matter is a disappointment.

I am still confident that the evidence shows that Beaumont engaged in misconduct.
Joseph Maridon

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